Boating licenses:

Would you like to earn your boating license? Furious Nautisme’s Mandelieu school, located next to Cannes, offers you a variety of formulas to qualify as soon as possible. Thanks to its professionals’ know-how, you will receive full, quality training under optimum conditions. Discover how you can earn your boating license in Mandelieu in just a few clicks.

The various boating licenses offered

In order to be able to adapt to every profile and to each person’s expectations, Furious Nautisme Mandelieu offers various boating licenses to suit your needs:
The coastal license, at 340 euros (+ the CRR Maritime (Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Certificate of the Maritime Mobile Service) included)
The river license, at 96 euros (coastal license extension)
All lessons are given by professionals who can best answer all your questions.

Formulas adapted to your schedule

To help you get your boating license quickly in Mandelieu, the formulas we offer will always be adapted to suit your schedule and constraints. The boating instructors of our school near Cannes will be happy to place all their skills at your service.

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All our prices are inclusive of all taxes.